Mitomycin C
(17545348 | 50-07-7)

CAS: 50-07-7
Molecular Formula: C15H18N4O5
Molecular Weight: 334.33
Availablility: In Stock
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Mitomycin C Chemical Structure

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Safety Data Sheet
Certificate of Analysis

Product Detail
Product Code 17545348
Product Name Mitomycin C
Categories Bioactive Small Molecules Research Organics & Inorganics
CAS 50-07-7
Molecular Formula C15H18N4O5
Molecular Weight 334.33
Storage Details 2 to 8 °C
Harmonised Tariff Code 29419000

Product Specification
Grade USP36
Water ≤2.5%
Heavy metals ≤0.003%
pH 6.0~7.5
Acetone ≤1000ppm
Solubility Slightly soluble in water, soluble in acetone ,in methanol, in butyl acetate, and in cyclohexanone
Assay ≥970ug/mg
Dichloromethane ≤100ppm
Methanol ≤3000ppm
Residue on Ignition ≤0.1%
Ethyl acetate ≤1000ppm
Total Impurities <2%
Crystallinity Meets the requirements
Appearance Deep blue purple crystalline powder
Any other impurity <0.5%
Bacterial Endotoxins EU / mg <10
Identity The maximum absorptive wave is 357nm
Impurity A (cinnamamide) <0.5%
Mitomycin A <0.5%
Mitomycin B <0.5%
Albomitomycin C <0.5%

Safety Information
Danger to Health
Skull and Cross Bones
Signal word danger
Hazard statements
  • H300: Fatal if swallowed

  • H351: Suspected of causing cancer
Precautionary statements
  • P264: Wash thoroughly after handling

  • P281: Use personal protective equipment as required

  • P301+310: IF SWALLOWED: Immediately call a POISON CENTER or doctor/physician