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Molekula is a leading supplier of fine chemicals and biochemicals and stands at the forefront of this constantly changing industry.

Our Story

Molekula is a leading chemical supplier offering research chemicals and biochemicals sourced from production sites across the globe. Molekula was founded in 1999 operating from a rented facility in Lyon supplying both bulk chemicals and fine chemicals to customers in France.

Operations in the UK were established in 2000, first to serve the British market and then later as Molekula's operating headquarters. During this period Molekula started to hold inventory and package products into smaller units for resale to the Research market. The first catalogue listing of 500 products in research units was distributed in 2001.

To better service the German and Continental European markets, Molekula GmbH was established in 2002 with office and warehousing facilities.

Vigorous sales expansion driven by customer demand has led Molekula to establish partners in many European and Middle East countries, while joint ventures in the Far East are enabling us both to increase our production capacity and further expand our product range.

Sales and Operations expanded in 2012 with the opening of Molekula Shanghai. Our Sourcing, Warehousing and Sales Team are now promoting the brand in the Far Eastern markets.

2013 was the start of our American office based out of Irvine, California, Breaking into the American market sparked huge growth for us, causing us to outgrow our UK headquarters.

In late 2014 we started the expansion of our UK Headquarters, making the move from Dorset to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Our new location provides us 8 times more storage space to stock products.

January 2016 saw the launch of our new website, starting what’s predicted to be our most prosperous year ever on a high note. Our new site makes browsing and purchasing our products effortless for new and existing customers alike.

Since 1999 both our business and the industry has changed significantly, with Molekula evolving from a small start-up to an industry leader.

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