Polyethyleneglycol 8000
(78444399 | 25322-68-3)

CAS: 25322-68-3
Molecular Formula: (C2H4O)nH2O
Molecular Weight: Polymer
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Polyethyleneglycol 8000 Chemical Structure

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Product Detail
Product Code 78444399
Product Name Polyethyleneglycol 8000
Categories Biochemicals Solvents
CAS 25322-68-3
Molecular Formula (C2H4O)nH2O
Molecular Weight Polymer
Storage Details Ambient
Harmonised Tariff Code 3901209000

Product Specification
Grade USP Eu.Pharma
Water 0.5% max
Heavy metals 5mg/kg max
Dioxane 0-5ppm
Formaldehyde 15mg/kg maximum
Additive 100mg/kg BHT (E321) minimum
Suspended Matter Free of suspended matter.
Sulfated ash 0.1% max
Acidity (calculate as Acetic acid) 0.015% by weight, maximum
Appearance Solid
Residual Ethylene Oxide 0-1ppm
pH 5% Aq Sol 4.5-7.0
Ethylene glycol, Diethylene glycol 0.20% by weight, maximum
Viscocity at 99ºC 690mm2/s
Colour Pt-Co 25 max
Average MW 7000 - 9000
Hydroxyl No(mg KOH/g) 12.5 - 16
Clarity at 80ºC Free from Haze and Turbidity
Viscosity at 20°C (50% aq.) 356mm2/s

Safety Information
Signal word none
Hazard statements
Precautionary statements